Prayer walking tips

As you walk listen, keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. Ask God to allow you to see through His eyes and hear through His ears. Ask Him to show you His agenda for this people.

Pray Bible verses and Scripture Truths as you pray.

Pray aloud as much as possible. Speaking your prayers will help you focus them and focus on them.

Focus on once object of prayer at a time. If God reveals multiple objects, pray for one at a time.

Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your prayers. Pray for what you see (or don’t see but should). Pray for what you hear (or don’t hear but should). Allow all your sense to direct your prayer.

Pray for the people you do not see. Many are locked behind closed doors, and even worse closed hearts.

Claim God’s love and compassion for the people. Ask God to remove their spiritual blinders, to tear down walls of apathy and to remove barriers that prevent them from hearing and responding to the Gospel.

Be careful not to stop too often to pray. Only do so as God moves you. Be sensitive to the situation and try not to draw attention to yourself. Try to keep moving and focusing on the people and needs God is revealing.