European ministry partners

In addition to partnering with churches and groups from America, we have partners in the harvest that are located in Europe. Here are some of them. Please email us if any of these links become inoperative. (Unless otherwise noted, websites will be in Dutch)

  • European People. Website for IMB work in Europe. Website. (Website in English)
  • International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, our sending agency. Website. (Website in English)
  • Protestant Union of Belgium (Administrative Council of the Protestant Evangelical Religion). We are associated with the Protestant Union as a recognized organization under the Federale Synode. Website.
  • Free Evangelical Churches (Vrije Evangelische Gemeenten or VEG). A group of evangelical churches in Belgium. Website.
  • Evangelical Christian Churches of Flanders (Evangelische Christengemeenten van Vlaanderen, ECV). A group of Evangelical Christian Churches in Flanders. Website.
  • ABC Ministries. ABC Ministries develops training materials and provides training and support for Christian leaders and Evangelical church in Flanders. John is a member of the advisory board. Website.
  • De Burg (VEG Church). If we have a “home church”, this is it. We are considered voting members here and they partner with us in ministry. Website.
  • Serve the City. Serve the City is the parent organization for several city-wide evangelism groups in Belgium and around the world. Website. (Website in English)
  • Evangelistic Church Bourgoyen. A member of the Evangelical Christian Churches of Flanders, ECV. This is the lead church for the Ghent Festivals Coffee Outreach Ministry. Website.
  • Evangelical Church “The Rock” (Evangelische Gemeente ‘De Rots’). Another ministry partner in Gent. Website.
  • Evangelical Church Zwijnaarde “The Source” (Evangelische Gemeente Zwijnaarde ‘De Bron’). A great partner in ministry that provides local believers who serve with us. Website.
  • The Good Book (Het Goede Boek) Bookstore. The branch of this store in Ghent partners with us in providing Bibles and other resources for ministry. Website.
  • Evangelical Center Rehoboth (Evangelisch Centrum Rehoboth). We partner with this church in a twice-monthly Bible distribution effort. Website.
  • Vinyard Ganda (Vineyard Gent), another of our partnering churches. Website.
  • Christian Fellowship Elim (Christengemeenschap Eilm) one of the oldest Pentecostal Churches in Gent and also one of our partners in ministry. Website.
  • Evangelical Church the Ark (Evangelische Kerk De Ark, ECV) in Eeklo, Belgium. We work with the elders of this church to help them better reach their community. Website.
  • Pray4Belgium. Want to know how you can pray for Belgium, this website will give you some specifics. It is in Dutch, French and English. Website.