What we do

Simply put, we seek to help people connect with God. There are many who have rejected their idea of God without even exploring the basics about who He is and how He wants to have a personal relationship with Him.

Jesus came seeking those who were lost to God. Luke 15 teaches that lost things have value to God. It did not matter if the lost things were seeking their owner, the owners were seeking them. Even the lost son, when he came to the end of himself, finally returned to the father.

We are working in existing relationship groups and/or forming new ones to help people come to faith. Instead of trying to begin one new church, we are trying to develop a network of small, organic, relationship churches that exist independently of each other but choose to come together periodically for larger group worship.

Sometimes we work with a local believer in their relationship rings and other times we seek to seed the Gospel into relationship groups where a believer does not already exist. If you want more information about our specific strategy and methodology, please contact us and we can give you more detail.