The most important thing we do is pray!

Why is prayer so important? The primary purpose of prayer is to gain God’s perspective. That is what is required when we rest on the promise that whatever one asks in God’s name, He grants. When we gain His perspective, we will ask for what He already wants to grant.

Another important thing to remember is that we are not bringing God or faith to people; He is already here. We are invited to join Him in what He is already doing and planning.

It is through consistent, committed, persistent and intensive prayer that we connect to the power of God from above.

The team here in Gent is encouraged by your prayers. Those who pray do the hardest part of the work and are a vital part of the team. Prayer Partners are the backbone of the team; local field personnel are merely those being obedient in another time zone.

In order to pray more intentionally, here are some general topics and items for prayer. For more specifics and frequently updated requests, become a Prayer Partner. More information about becoming a Prayer Partner can be obtained by emailing the team. Email the Team.

  • Pray for the hearts of the people to be open to God and His message of redemption.
  • Pray that we will be able to clearly and effectively live the transformed and exchanged life.
  • Pray for new Bible study groups to begin.
  • Pray for new organic church starts to offer more opportunities to connect with God.
  • Pray for the new church begun in Gentbrugge to grow into God’s plan for it.
  • Pray that we can be positive influences on the national evangelical believers.
  • Pray for the hearts of the not-yet-believers to take the next step toward the Father.
  • Pray for God to get the glory for all we are privileged to do.
  • Pray for the local field personnel to be found faithful in the task.